Reiki therapy and reflexology

Reiki - Psychology Clinic in Pialba, QLD

As well as promoting good mental health, Wegner Therapies also provides reflexology and Reiki therapies. Our onsite Reflexologist, Don Shuttleworth, helps patients who come to our Pialba practice, as well as those in isolated Queensland suburbs, channel their energy to assist in healing their body.

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Mind & Body Balancing

If you feel like you are treading water or unable to juggle day-to-day tasks, your mind and body may not be getting the attention they need. Through a 3-phase system, Don helps patients understand the importance of caring for mental, emotional and spiritual states and the effect it can have on the body. He aims to assist in relieving stress or baggage that may be weighing you down and balance your mind and body.


Another therapy used to create a balance between the mind and body is Reiki. This Japanese technique promotes healing based on an individual’s life force and used for stress reduction and relaxation. Don has focused his training on the spiritual healing method and incorporated it into his 3-phase system for mind and body balancing.