Psychological assessments and counselling

Counselling - Psychology Clinic in Pialba, QLD


Wegner Therapies offers a wide range of psychological services, group therapies and counselling for patients, young or old. Registered Psychologist, Karina Wegner, assists in promoting good mental health for all her patients. She also sells a range of products to help with treatments, relieve tension and reduce stress. These include gyro sensory toys.

She provides sessions at the family-owned practice in Pialba, as well as travelling to isolated areas in Queensland and beyond. Psychological assessments and appointments can also be bulk-billed under the Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Karina also undertakes a large number of assessments and IQ assessments. Please note that IQ assessments are not covered by Medicare, unless ordered by a specialist. Reports are also not included in Medicare payments.

If you need to speak to someone, book an appointment to see Karina today.


Karina practices by the International Association of Neuropsycotherapy, helping her patients become more aware of their psychological distresses. She aims to assist her patients gain control over their perception, cognitive and hormonal systems and recognise the symptoms of distress. This can help regulate these states and manage day-to-day tasks or obstacles.

For both adults and children, Karina offers a full range of psychological assessments to help determine if there are any behavioural, cognitive, emotional or social concerns.

She also provides Intelligence Quotient Assessments, or IQ testing to measure children’s intellectual capabilities. The assessment covers verbal understanding, factual knowledge, lateral thinking, spatial relations and short-term memory. This helps identify any areas that a child requires help with when it comes to learning.


Karina offers a personal and practical approach when it comes to helping patients work through their mental health concerns. She regularly assists with:

Counselling sessions are also available in the form of group therapy. If you wish to talk about something you’re struggling with, call our practice today.